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Sharing Christmas with La Feria

Members of Faith Pleases God Church held an event to SHARE CHRISTMAS WITH LA FERIA at El Centro Foods on Saturday, December 23rd with the help of sponsors the Cosby Family, Dr. Martinez, Dr. Vargas, Bass Pro Shops, United Healthcare, Mr. and Mrs. Chang, G5 Internet, Eddie Solis, Mario and Aida Gonzalez, McCoys, the City of La Feria, and El Centro Foods. Courtesy Photo

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They call him Mr. G, Clem Gonzalez is a staple in the La Feria area. His grocery store and customary “carniceria” El Centro Foods not only does its business in the area but serves the community by partnering with others and doing outreach on his parking lot. This year he partnered with a very upbeat and loving bunch the Faith Pleases God Church outreach team.

“Mr. G and the La Feria city counsel have greeted us here with open arms, it shows you how hospitable they are to their people and even willing to accept those from the outside to serve the community. We bless this city and call it a light to the Rio Grande Valley,” said Tony Martinez, FPG Administrative Pastor.

Mr. G has been hosting a toy drive for several years now, making sure all the kids in La Feria have a good Christmas. FPG Church decided to give to the other people in the household by holding the first ever “Sharing Christmas with La Feria” event on Saturday, December 23rd 2017.

“We decided to give out 200 hygiene products, 100 bags of groceries, hot cocoa and a Christmas cookie all to say Merry Christmas from us and our beloved partners,” said Lynn Reyna, FPG Events Coordinator.

Not only was the need met resourcefully but the main objective of an outreach as explained by FPG Church evangelist Vanessa Ayala is to pray for the needs beyond that of groceries and house items. The group of over 30 volunteers insisted that people go home with stuff but not to leave without prayer.

Vanessa Ayala, a member of FPG Church, said, “We do this so that people can see and know Jesus Christ, so that they can see that God is very much involved in all of our lives and that He is here ready to answer their prayers through His mighty name.”

The group of volunteers were a lively bunch, and its leaders proud, declaring that La Feria and Mr. G are forming a partnership that will last a lifetime.

Helping its citizens resourcefully, wholeheartedly, and most important prayerfully, FPG Church can only do what they do through the help of private entities in which they insist on giving thanks to any chance they get. They are proud to have relationships with partners that love to serve their community. Besides the members of the church, the following are groups that help in outreach year-round: United Healthcare, Bass Pro Shops, G5, Constable Eddie Solis, Dr. Miguel A. Martinez-Vela, Dr. Rodolfo Vargas, McCoys, Cleo Donuts, and The Cosby family.

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