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School Closures as Temperatures Dipped Below Freezing

The U.S. National Weather Service posted a Freeze Warning last Wednesday as temperatures dipped below freezing across the Rio Grande Valley. Photo: U.S. National Weather Service

by Martha E. Ibarra/LFN

The Rio Grande Valley is experiencing a season rarely seen in these parts – winter! As soon as the temperature drops below 60 degrees it’s time for caldo and hot chocolate. However, with temperatures as low as the mid 30’s, Valley residents are learning just how cold winter can be.

The impact of the weather can be seen in the closure of highways, the cancellation of classes, and the major crowds that can be seen at grocery stores. On Wednesday, Jan. 17, school districts, such as PSJA ISD, delayed school start times while others, like La Feria ISD, cancelled classes. UTRGV even cancelled morning classes due to the possibility of icy roads.

Residents of the RGV are learning just how much the cold can affect their transportation as well. Due to icy conditions on the roadways, major highways had to be closed off because of an increase in car accidents. Residents were also complaining about ice on their vehicles and the struggle to remove it.

Even with the temperature in the 30’s and ice all over the highways, it was not enough to keep people at home. HEBs throughout the Valley and the state saw hundreds at a time in stores purchasing food and heaters, among other items, to help endure the low temperatures.

While the Valley is not accustomed to the cold, it may serve as a nice change from the heat we know so well.

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