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Texas Lady Spartans Hold Tryouts at First Ever Football Camp

by Martha E. Ibarra/LFN

On Friday, Feb. 9, the girls of La Feria’s very own all female football team, the Texas Lady Spartans, hosted their very first football camp. In efforts to grow their team, which pertains to the Xtreme Female Football League (XFFL), the Texas Lady Spartans welcomed girls to try out and get a taste of something exciting and fun.

Team members welcomed girls like Patricia Kennedy to join their football family and partake in something that allows girls to hit just like boys. “We may be friendly, but it’s all tackle,” exclaimed team member, Elizabeth Ramirez. Kennedy decided to try out for the team after hearing about the Spartans football camp from team captain, Kathryn Meyer. “It sounds like fun, I am just kind of excited and nervous. I am just going to try out, see what I can do and give it my all,” said Kennedy.

L to R: Matt Castro (coaches the South Texas Generals), George Quiroz (league owner and coaches the Corpus Christi Divas) and Jason Camacho (coaches the Texas Lady Spartans). Photo: Martha E. Ibarra/LFN

Coaches from other teams belonging to the XFFL were also present at the camp. South Texas Generals coach Matt Castro and Corpus Christi Divas coach and league owner, George Quiroz, helped the Spartans accomplish their goal of adding more players to their team. “The goal is to just find players for them really and to just help the league and teams get more exposure,” said Quiroz.

For Coach Castro, the opportunity to help the Spartans grow shows how women’s football in the Valley has progressed, “When it started down here in the valley, there was one team and they paved the way for other girls. Now, there are all these other teams that have popped up and it’s grown so much.”

The Spartans, who are still accepting more players, look forward to what the season has in store and are excited to get on the field and show what they can do.

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