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Food Bank Presented with Check on Behalf of Car Club

Moses Mendoza hands a $504 check to a representative of the La Feria branch of the RGV Food Bank at the latest La Feria City Commission Meeting. Photo: Martha E. Ibarra/LFN

Commission Approves Lannie’s Honky Tonk Nightlife

by Martha E. Ibarra/LFN

The La Feria city Commission held a regularly scheduled city meeting on Tuesday, March 13. In the absence of Mayor Maldonado, Mayor pro-tem Eric Hoff called the meeting to order following the usual protocol of a city meeting (invocation, pledge, and determination of quorum).

Present at this meeting was Moses Mendoza, president of the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA). Members of AACA have the opportunity to participate in the car show that is part of the annual Fiesta de La Feria. There is a fee that members are requested to pay to the club to be able to participate in the car show- this year’s fee was canned goods. Mendoza went before the commission and presented La Feria’s branch of the RGV Food Bank with the canned goods as well as a check for $504.

“A fee that we requested from the car drivers- bring some food- and it happened and it was amazing. And not only that, they gave me money,” exclaimed Mendoza.

As he proudly presented the check to a representative of the RGV Food Bank, Mendoza marveled at the city of La Feria as well as the need to do good and help each other out. Following the approval of the minutes of the previous city meeting, the commission took into consideration a volunteer and intern policy for the city. According to city attorney Rebecca Hayward, La Feria currently does not have a policy in place for volunteers or interns with the city.

“We have had a few requests to volunteer or do some internships with the city. We have had to turn people down because we just don’t have a policy in place that would protect the city and the intern,” stated Hayward. Hayward presented the commission with a policy she put together that includes expectations from volunteers and/or interns.

“Basically, the procedure that would be in place that is that the volunteer or intern that wants to volunteer with the city would go the department they are interested in volunteering or interning at. That department head would then get the required documents, which would basically be a background check, 18 years of age, a proper ID, etc. and that would go to city manager, Mr. Sandoval, for final approval,” added Hayward. The commission then approved for the policy to be put into place.

After approving the close out of the TxCDBG La Feria Water System improvement project, a public hearing was held regarding a specific use permit by Lannie’s Honky Tonk & More. Lannie’s is requesting a permit that would allow the business to serve alcoholic beverages during extended hours. Velma Flores, owner, went before the commission and shared her intentions as well as goals. “Basically, what we’re just trying to do is just bring back an icon that was here 18 years ago. Now we do have the restaurant and we wanted to do a combination of the both, where we’re still offering the nightlife- Honky Tonk Nightlife. We are trying to incorporate the old with the new and bring some vitality back to the area of Lannie’s but also bring business to the city,” said Flores.

Members of the food bank present at the latest La Feria City meeting. Photo: Martha E. Ibarra/LFN

Once the public hearing was closed, the commission discussed the approval of the permit. Because live music will be incorporated into Lannie’s nightlife, Commissioner Donato Garcia expressed concerns regarding noise levels in the residential area. “I am assuming that y’all are going to have live music… Is that building soundproof? It is in a residential area. Are your plans to make that soundproof or what do you plan to do,” inquired Garcia. Flores assured Garcia and the rest of the commission that they had already tested the noise levels and no complaints had been filed. A motion was made and unanimously passed.

For the second year in a row, the city has entered into an agreement with Tropical Texas Behavioral Health. Commissioner Guevara inquired about the results of last year’s agreement to which city manager, Jaime Sandoval, assured Guevara that it had all gone well. The commission approved and went onto discuss a memorandum of agreement that the city will enter into with LFISD. The memorandum, which was approved, will allow the school district access to certain city facilities to conduct education related and extracurricular activities. The commission then discussed and approved an engineering services agreement with Fulcrum Consulting Services for a TxCDBG contract.

The commission then entered into executive session, where they remained for 15 minutes. After emerging, the commission approved the authorization of city manager Jaime Sandoval to execute and enter into a real estate contract to purchase the property known as Alaskan Motels.

The meeting was then adjourned. The next city meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, March 27, at 6:30 PM in the city commission meeting room located at 115 E. Commercial Avenue in La Feria.

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