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2018 Hurricane Season Underway, Be Prepared

by Tony Vindell/LFN

The 2018 Atlantic Hurricane season began June 1 and will end in November and now is the time to start making preparations before it is too late.

A total of 21 tropical storms and 12 named hurricanes are being forecasted.

The season is being predicted as slightly above average by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and by researchers from Colorado State University.

Although the season is not nearly the devastating 2017 season when Harvey caused billions of dollars in damages in the Houston area last August or the 2005 season when Katrina hit New Orleans in August 2005, it only takes one major storm to cause catastrophic consequences to coastal regions like in Cameron and Willacy counties.

Brownsville and Raymondville held their own hurricane awareness meetings to inform the public on what to do in the event a hurricane is heading toward here and how to get prepared beforehand.

Tom Hushen, emergency manager coordinator with Cameron County, said two major storms are being forecasted but whether they will make land will depend on a high pressure system.

However, he said people should be prepared.

“If they happen to evacuate they should take all their medications and important documents with them,” he said. “Have a plan. If you have to go to another place , leave a phone number for us to contact you.”

Frank Torres, EMC in Willacy County, recommends people to have the tanks of their vehicles at least half full during a hurricane season.

Home and business owners should start making all the necessary steps to prepare for the worst.

A hurricane supply kit is being recommended and it should be put together now.

This includes:

  • A seven-day supply of non- perishable food and water. The rule-thumb is one gallon of water per person.
  • A radio and flash lights with extra batteries. – – First aid kit and manual.
  • A whistle.
  • Kitchen accessories, cooking utensils and manual can opener.
  • Cash.
  • Matches, extra clothing, blankets and sleeping bags.
  • Photocopies of IDs, insurance policies, prescriptions, household inventory, credit cards and the latest utility bills.
  • Formula, baby food, diapers and pacifiers.
  • Pet carriers, leashes, shot records and food for each animal.
  • A good map showing county roads and highways.
  • List of family phone numbers and addresses outside the area.

Here is a list of important numbers and websites to remember:

Cameron County Emergency Management: 956.547.7000


Texas Dept. of Transportation –Travel Information: 1.800.452.9292


Texas Division of Emergency Management : 512.424.2138


Texas Highway Patrol Roadside Assistance: 1.800.525.5555


Texas Dept. of Public Safety: 512.424.2000


Texas Dept. of Insurance: 1.800.578.4677


National Weather Service-Brownsville Office: 956.504.1432


Reverse 9-1-1 Registration for Mobile Phones: 1.855.879.1911 https://cameroncountyr911.onthealert.com/Terms/Index/?ReturnUrl=%2f

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