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Blamed it on the Cold


Shrdlu, our office cat, hovered around the stove this week, wouldn’t work. To heck, he said, with all good news of good prices for crops, etc. He said he was cold. He sniffed. He coughed. He groaned. He said it never got this cold when he had to shovel his way through the snow up north.

We told him that he just forgot how cold it gets up north. We quizzed him. We learned that he really didn’t have a cold. He was just sore and beaten up. He had stayed out the whole weekend, day and night, and somebody’s cat, just a mite bigger than him, had given him the licking he probably deserved.

He’ll be back at work next week, so we’ll have to assume responsibility for any errors in this week’s paper.

This cartoon ran in the January 13, 1949 issue of La Feria News.

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