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De Leon and Vela Appointed to the La Feria Industrial Development Committee


by Martha E. Ibarra/LFN

The La Feria city commission held a regularly scheduled city meeting on Tuesday, July 11, in the city commission meeting room.

Following the usual protocol of a city meeting (invocation, pledge and determination of quorum), Alfonso Garido, GIS Coordinator of Cameron County 911, presented to the commission the importance of correct and accurate addressing within La Feria. There are some areas in La Feria that have rural addresses and do not coincide with the 911 system currently in place and when residents call 911, sometimes the address cannot be found.

The city will be issuing letters informing residents of an address change necessary to comply with the 911 system.

The commission appointed Jimmy De Leon and Michelle Gomez Vela as the two new members to the La Feria Industrial Development Committee. De Leon and Vela will be replacing Brad Shields and Lloyd Betts.

A resolution regarding the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) Home Program required the commission to select a managing consultant.

After receiving bids from Grant Works and Langford Community Management Services, the commission selected Grant Works as the managing consultant.

The commission went on to approve an amendment to an ordinance regarding the city’s parks. The amendment will now allow for strollers and motorized scooters to be used on the walking trails. Residents now may also bring their dogs to the park; however, all dogs must remain on a leash.

The city of La Feria then approved a resolution that would suspend the effective date of Texas Gas Service statement to increase rates in the Rio Grande Valley.

Texas Gas Service rates could increase by 18 percent.

The city of La Feria, as well as other cities in the Valley, are filing for a formal opposition to the rate increase and are trying to renegotiate the rates.

The city of La Feria will be amending their City Code of Ordinances regarding water and sewage rates. The amendment will affect the school district as their water and sewage rates will decrease. The city is expecting an approximate $12,000 monthly decrease from the school district.

The next city meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, July 25, at 6:30 PM in the city commission meeting room located at 115 E. Commercial Avenue in La Feria.

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