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City Commission Considers Smoking Regulations

by Martha E. Ibarra/LFN

The La Feria city commission considered the approval of a comprehensive ordinance adopting smoking regulations for La Feria. The ordinance, which focuses on making all indoor work places smoke free, was discussed at latest La Feria city commission meeting, held on Tuesday, July 25.

“The idea is that no worker will have to put their health at risk to earn a paycheck by being exposed to second hand smoke,” said Jerry Saavedra, a representative of the American Heart Association. According to Saavedra, over eighty cities throughout the state of Texas have approved a comprehensive ordinance regarding smoking regulations; twenty of those cities are located in the Valley.

“This is not about asking people to quit smoking, it’s simply asking people to step outside so that their choice to smoke does not affect the health of others,” continued Saavedra.

While the ordinance will cover places like restaurants and bars, there will be some exceptions, for example, private clubs and any business where the revenue comes from the sale of tobacco products.

While there was some support for the approval of Ordinance 2017-12, there was also some opposition. Commissioner Eric Hoff motioned to table the agenda item until more information and feedback from the community could be provided.

The commission then entered into executive session where there was no action, the meeting was then adjourned.

The next city meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, August 8, in the city commission meeting room located at 115 E. Commercial Avenue.

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