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Inspirational Woman of the Year Award and Community Service Leader of the Year Award

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Vanessa Caraveo was awarded the Inspirational Woman of the Year Award and the Community Service Leader of the Year Award, which are distinct honors given to an individual who goes above and beyond in demonstrating exceptional volunteer and community service, making a positive impact in their community. These recognitions are awarded to an individual who is a role model and has demonstrated having overcome and persevered through great adversity and achieved success, using their experience to make a positive difference in others’ lives while inspiring others to do the same.

Vanessa faced many medical challenges as a child, and despite a dire prognosis her family received for her at an early age, with hard work, determination and perseverance, she overcame and persevered through many challenges life presented her, never allowing any adversity to limit her in reaching her goals and turning her dreams into a reality. Education has always been a significant part of her life with the realization that it is an important stepping-stone to achieving many extraordinary things. She graduated early from Los Fresnos High School at the age of 16 and went on to graduate college with honors while being a member of various honor societies. She became one of only two Nationally Board-Certified professionals for her field in South Texas, making a difference in many lives.

She is an award-winning author, published poet and inspirational speaker for schools, church and faith groups, and disability and non-profit organizations. She has been involved in various organizations and projects and events not only in her community in the Rio Grande Valley but in her state of Texas as well. Organizations she has been part of include the Hispanic Women’s Network of the Rio Grande Valley, United Way of Northern Cameron County, Writers Guild of Texas, and Spina Bifida Texas, among other groups.

Vanessa also takes time out of her busy schedule volunteering her time promoting literacy for youth at schools, libraries and in community events and is a member of the Pop Star Reading Program, which is an educational initiative that encourages children to read with the message “Reading is Fun!” Designated as an official state ambassador who promotes inclusion for all, she inspires many at various events with her message: One has the power within to defy adversity and turn dreams and goals into reality, no matter the odds.

“I always like sharing with others Booker T. Washington’s quote – ‘You measure the size of the accomplishment by the obstacles you had to overcome to reach your goals,’” Vanessa said.

“It conveys that when you faced adversity and great challenges in your life yet had the inner-strength and determination to persevere through that adversity and accomplish what you have, that gives everything more value and greater significance since it required from you much more hard work and fortitude to accomplish what you did. This inspires not only you but also others to keep moving forward in your journeys with optimism.”

She is humbled to have received both of these distinctive honors and hopes to continue being of service to others by sharing her message that one can accomplish many things in life with hard work, discipline, perseverance, and God’s grace. By believing in the power we possess within ourselves, Vanessa firmly believes that we can overcome any adversity in life and succeed in turning our dreams and goals into reality.

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