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Meet the Firefighters – Deputy Chief (DC)

DC is a 4 month old Dalmatian puppy born May 7, 2019. He is full of energy and loves to run around and play. He is growing so fast that we forget he is just a puppy at times. He is the youngest member of La Feria Fire Dept. Currently he is doing his basic training with Mission Pawssible Dog Training Services. The main priority is to train as a Fire Safety Dog, to be able to teach kids to stop, drop, roll and crawl low in smoke. The ultimate goal is to get him certified as a Therapy Dog and a Crisis Response Canine.

DC is highly involved and participates in all Fire Department and City functions and events. He attends the weekly Thursday fundraiser at the American Legion Post 439 in La Feria and he is always at the fire station during the day for meet and greet. He loves to meet people.

He is not owned by the fire department and it is important to know that if any monetary donations are given for his cause they go to his owner who takes care of all his expenses. However, toys, treats and food (royal canin large breed puppy dry food), etc are always welcome donations.

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