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La Feria ISD Receives JET Grant

Emilio Flores
La Feria News

La Feria, Texas — On Wednesday, August 31st La Feria ISD posted on their Facebook page that the School district has received grant money in the amount of $533,275. The purpose of the JET grant is to serve all students in the Health Science program of study. Students can range from Freshmen to Seniors and must be in a Health Science course.

Health Science courses at La Feria ISD include the following, Principles of Health Science, Medical Terminology, Health Science Theory I, Anatomy and Physiology, and our Health Science Practicum.

In an interview with the College & Career Director, Cassandra Zuvieta, she shares the different equipment they will be purchasing for their Health Science Lab. They will have a Zspace table that gives the students a full 3D experience of anatomy, allowing them to break down the diagrams and dissect them in 3D space. They will also have interactive “dummies” that students can practice on, as well as all of the supplies and equipment needed to prepare students for the EKG and Phlebotomy certifications.

The Health Science program offers students the opportunity to get ahead and learn more about potential health careers they wish to pursue in the future.

Zuvieta states that “Because we have only had one teacher available to do the practicum, only 30 students are able to participate in real-world scenarios such as clinical and earning industry-based certifications such as a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant, Phlebotomy Certification, Patient Care Technician, and EKG certification.” She says, “The JET grant allows us to buy the supplies needed to support all of these endeavors.”

The School is also looking for a third teacher to come on board. “We originally had two teachers, but now the demand for this program has grown exponentially. By adding a third teacher, we will be able to offer four practicums, so students have more abilities to be in these real world scenarios and attempt to earn an IBC.”

The current teachers, Mrs. Jaclyn Perez and Mrs. Rebecca Cavazos, have worked diligently with their students to ensure that they are ready to take on these certifications as seniors. Zuvieta says they have about an 80% passing rate on IBC exams amongst their senior class. She says, “We encourage parents to talk with their kids about the CTE possibilities at the high school level.”

Mrs. Perez and Mrs. Cavazos also offer experiences with their CTSOs. CTSOs are programs that allow students to have more hands on work experiences that align with the TEKS of the classroom. They currently offer a chapter of HOSA and SkillsUSA teams that will compete against others across the valley, region , and state and the students are encouraged to get involved in CTSOs as it gives them great opportunities to work in this field.

Zuvieta says, “We are excited to have received the JET grant yet again in our district. We know that opportunities like these greatly help the students of our district and we are honored that our school board, staff, students, and community members continue to be supportive of CTE programs.”

Finally, La Feria News reached out to Superintendent, Cynthia Torres to chime in on the matter; this is what she said:

“La Feria ISD is excited to announce that the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) has selected the District for the Jobs and Education for Texas (JET) grant in the amount of $533,275. With the additional funding from the grant, La Feria High School will be able to expand our Health Science Program and offer additional opportunities for our students. The resources provided to our students and staff through grants are life-changing and will (provide) training for careers in the health care profession. Thank you to our CTE team and grant writers for playing a crucial role in this process to receive this grant.”

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