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LFECHS Students Represent Well at State

By Mike Villarreal

The La Feria Early College High School Band and Choir students, each with their unique talents, recently showcased their exceptional skills at the UIL State Solo & Ensemble Contest held in Austin on May 25-27, respectively.

Twelve choir students have truly shone, embarking on a journey of dedication and hard work that led them to earn top honors with seven gold medals and five silver medals for their exceptional performances. Their achievements are a testament to their talent, and we are truly impressed by their unwavering commitment.

It’s important to note that to even qualify for the state contest, our students had to first achieve a 1st division rating, which signifies a superior performance. This rating is not easily earned. It requires the students to demonstrate exceptional musicality, technical proficiency, and interpretive skills. This is no small feat, especially considering the fierce competition from schools across Texas in the UIL event.

This year, Faith Chavarria, Ayden Gomez, Zoe Garza, Austin Vaughan, Alicia Salinas, Rigoberto Tovar, and Juan Hernandez were the members of the La Feria Early College High School Choir who achieved a gold medal and superior rating. Students who received a silver medal and excellent rating were Hailo Garcia, Mia Quintero, Andrea Martinez, Jolynn Landaverde, and Enrique Hernandez.

David Cardona, the Head Band Director, and Randall S. Ashley, the Director of Choral Activities at LFECHS, are both very proud of the students’ remarkable accomplishments throughout the year. This is not just an example of the student’s talent and dedication, but a testament to their exceptional achievements. Their hard work resulted in them reaping the rewards of their unwavering commitment to the choir.

The UIL State Solo & Ensemble Contest, one of the most prestigious music competitions in Texas, attracts over 20,000 students from High Schools across the state annually. Participants converge in the Austin area to present their vocal solos, instrumental solos, or piano solos before esteemed University professors who assess their performance on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 denoting a superior rating. The contest is a platform for students to showcase their musical talents and compete at the highest level.

Participating in any UIL activity, such as the State Solo & Ensemble Contest, provides leadership and citizenship experiences through school activities. It helps students develop discipline, teamwork, and perseverance. These skills are not only valuable in the context of the competition but also in preparing students for a more purposeful and successful life.
Another great aspect of UIL is the teamwork it teaches, as well as the fact that it is an honor and privilege to represent one’s school in competition.
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