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Our Winter Visitors Are On the Way

It was fun and games at the VIP- La Feria RV Park Welcome Party. Photo: Courtesy VIP-La Feria RV Park

And, are we Glad!

Bill Keltner

It’s that time again. Have you noticed the influx of cars bearing out-of-state license plates? The annual trek to the Valley is in earnest, and are we glad. La Feria has had a long-time love affair with our winter Texans who prefer to spend their winters with us rather than fire up the furnace and suffer through months of freezing temperatures up north.

These winter visitors bring their culture, their activities, and their personalities to our streets, restaurants and businesses. So, let’s make them feel at home and give them a real Texas-style welcome home.

LA FERIA NEWS checked out a number of local mobile home and RV parks to learn how the winter Texan season is going—did you know there are 26 in our area?. The mood is upbeat to say the least as the numbers of arrivals and reservations are up over last year.

VIP-La Feria RV Park held their Welcome Party for all new and returning residents last week with a good turnout. Park Manager Ruth Dearinger said, “This looks to be a great year at VIP La Feria RV Park as there are a lot more of our residents already back to the park, and lots of new people are staying with us this season.

Ruth Dearinger, VIP Park Manager, and office staff member Heather Wilson sort mail for new arrivals. Photo: Bill Keltner/LFN

At the party, every resident was given a bag from Rio Bank in Harlingen with goodies to enjoy as they played sports trivia games while enjoying “ball park” food, which consisted of hot dogs with chili, nacho chips with cheese, peanuts and soda pop. The party was a “home run” according to the guests.

KENWOOD RV Park is another winter destination for shivering northern visitors that is also filling up early this season.

Rosie Cabrera, Kenwood Community Manager, and Phyllis Miles, Activity Director, for the park said, “We are looking forward to another good season with our Kenwood family.” Then she added: “We are planning to expand our family with fellowship and exciting new events during the season.” She mentioned how popular the BLUE GRASS JAM every Tuesday and the weekly quilting programs have been. “They’ll be back starting in December with lots more,” she promised.

Our winter visitors are arriving, so let’s show them our Texas hospitality with a big hearty Texas “Welcome home, pardner.”

The Welcome Home team at KENWOOD RV PARK: General Manager Rosie Cabrera, Activity Director Phyllis Miles and Office Assistant Rochelle Meza. Photo: Bill Keltner/LFN

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