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La Feria ISD’s New Superintendent Honored

City officials honor La Feria ISD’s new superintendent (l-r) Michael Martinez, board member; Jesse Zuniga, commissioner; Darrell Guerra, transportation director; Julian Guevara, commissioner; Mayor Olga Maldonado; Cathy Hernandez, Superintendent; Don Garcia, commissioner and ex chief of police; Eric Hoff, commissioner; Ruben Zambrano, Board member. Photo: Courtesy LFISD

“We Serve One Community”

Bill Keltner

The La Feria City Commission honored La Feria ISD’s new superintendent Mrs. Cathy Lee Hernandez by presenting her to the community during its recent monthly meeting.

Mayor Olga Maldonado spoke on behalf of the city commission welcoming Mrs Hernandez, and recognizing her as La Feria ISD’S first Hispanic, female superintendent.

Mayor Maldonado said the city was eager to work with La Feria ISD for the betterment of the city and the school district. Superintendent Hernandez was quick to point out that working hand-in-hand with the city was one of her priorities, “we serve one community,” she said. She is from La Feria and is happy to be “back home.”

Mrs. Hernandez comes from a rich background of many professional experiences–teacher, assistant principal, school principal at all grade levels as well as serving as curriculum director and executive curriculum director in several Texas school districts.

Before coming home to La Feria, she served as assistant superintendent of schools for Judson ISD in San Antonio. “Of all the educational positions I have enjoyed,” she said, “I will always especially treasure that one,” she said, looking back at her years in education.

“I’ve always been involved with the education of our children,” she continued and added,

“I am the mother of 4 children who have graduated from La Feria schools, and I can say from experience that the La Feria school system provides a fine education for students so that they can go into whatever career they choose.”

Cathy Lee Hernandez, Superintendent of La Feria Independent School District. Photo: Bill Keltner/LFN

The new superintendent is enthusiastically supported by her husband, Juan Hernandez, who for many years is well-known and respected as a teacher and tennis coach the La Feria ISD. He has just recently retired and keeps an active life.

Mrs. Hernandez counts her blessings daily as she prides herself in the notion of expanding the “La Feria Family.” Furthermore, she looks forward to working together with the city, the school board and the community for the benefit of “all” children in the district. She believes that everyone working together will make La Feria ISD shine, thus helping us to entice more students to enroll in our remarkable schools to carry on the tradition of “Expect, Achieve, Excel” in all the schools of the district.

Superintendent Hernandez sends a special “thank you” to Mayor Olga Maldonado and the city commissioners for their kind words and warm welcome.

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