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La Feria City Commission Adopts 2018-19 Budget

Photo: LFN Archive

by Tony Vindell/LFN

A $3.6 million budget was adopted for fiscal year 2018-19 by the La Feria City Commission.

The Commission approved the budget during Tuesdays, Sept. 25 meeting, or four days before the current fiscal year budget expired on Sept. 30.

Taxpayers got a sign of relief when it came to paying property taxes as the Commission kept the ad valorem taxes unchanged, but residents will be paying more in services such as water and sewage and a new towing fee was also adopted.

The Commission passed Ordinance 2018-12 that called for amending the emergency service fee from $1 to $5 that will be added to all water bills

The revenues made from the new emergency service fee will go to fund the police and fire department to provide better services so they can buy new equipment, among other things.

The Commission also passed Ordinance 2108-14, which set a $75 towing fee for a vehicle impounded for not having insurance.

The fee is in addition to what a towing company charges.

Police Chief Cesar Diaz said they are doing something similar to what other cities in the Rio Grande Valley do with towing fees.

He said the ordinance will apply to vehicles that are impounded and whose owners have no proof of financial responsibility.

As to the budget approved, City Manager Jaime Sandoval said they are cutting down on unnecessary expenses and will use money from grants to complete several projects.

The budget calls for a one-time across the board salary increase of 4 percent for the city’s labor force of 52 employees.

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