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Political Signs Vandalized in La Feria

A vandalized political sign. Photo: Facebook

by Tony Vindell/LFN

One of two La Feria residents running for Place 2 on the city council said her political signs are being vandalized but said she will not be intimidated.

Alma Martinez Botello is seeking to fill the empty seat left by former councilman Eric Hoff in the Nov. special election.

She faces Devin Rey Martinez. The two hopefuls are not related.

Martinez Botello said three of her four signs were vandalized and has filed a report with the Cameron County Election Administrator and the Sheriff’s Offices. She has since replaced the signs with new ones.

Although she did not say who might be behind it, Martinez Botello claimed that supporters of her opponent have been telling local residents to remove her signs.

Calling it a low action, Ray Martinez said he did not know anything about that.

Martinez Botello said she talked to Remi Garza, who is Cameron County Election Administrator, and filed a report with the Cameron County Sheriff’s Department.

Domingo Diaz, a lieutenant with the sheriff’s department, confirmed that Martinez Botello filed a complaint with them on Sept, 24.

“The United States is the leader of democracy and individual rights,” she said, “but in La Feria intimidation still happens.”

Martinez Botello said a local enforcement agency is looking into the matter, and added there is video that could help them identify the culprits.

Nevertheless, she said people should not be intimidated by the actions of others.

“People of La Feria, you are better than that,” she said. “Vote with your conscience at the ballot booth and prove that this is the way to fight intimidation and your children will be stronger by your stance.”

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