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Fire Department Gets Share of New Applicants

Some of the applicants during a recent try-out for full time jobs or to join the volunteer fire department. Photo: Tony Vindell/LFN

by Tony Vindell/LFN

Some 20 people gathered recently at the back of the La Feria Fire Department.

One of them grabbed a sledge hammer and pounded a tractor tire several times.

Another picked up what appeared to be the shape of a human and carried it out of the building.

A third person, wearing full firefighter gear including a mask, went around while the sound of heavy breathing could be heard.
Each in the group went through similar routines again and again.

The scenery seen inside and outside the fire house was actually part of a try- out each person had to go through in hopes of joining the department.

Some of them were trying to get hired for one of the four full time slots for the city’s fire department. The rest wanted to be members of La Feria Fire Department

Fire Chief David Phinney, the department’s only full-time employee up to this moment, said more than a dozen people applied for the four positions he hopes to fill soon.

Others were there, he said, for the volunteer department that now has about 18 members.

The chief said his goal is to have close to 40 volunteers.

The City of La Feria applied and received a grant that will enable the fire department to hire four full time firefighters and it’s in the process of bringing the four on board.

However, keeping the volunteer fire fighters team is pivotal to continue providing fire and emergency services.

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