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Five Local Families Receive Food, Toys from La Feria PD

Five local families that received food and toys after being selected by officers and a dispatchers from La Feria PD. Photo: Tony Vindell/LFN

by Tony Vindell/LFN

Five La Feria families are enjoying this holiday season on the bright side.

They were chosen to receive a box with food staples and toys from the local police department’s Operation Blue Star.

The five families showed up Monday and were greeted by the police officers and dispatchers who selected them to get the goodies.

Police Chief Cesar Diaz said this is the first time the department chose the families as they are familiar with the city population based on their work with PD.

Police Sgt. Eliza Rodriguez said each of five families expressed their gratitude for receiving a box stuffed with food and toys.

She said four of the families had three or four youngsters while a fourth brought six.

Officers Vazquez and Rodriguez chose the Coswell family.

Capt. A. Gonzalez and dispatcher Edelmiro Zuniga had the Lopez family.

Sgt. Jose Ibarra and dispatcher Erica Cabrera had the Anaya family.

Officer Julian Rodriguez and dispatcher Juan Treviño had the Quintas family.

Officer G. Ortiz and dispatcher Andrea Cuevas had the Chavez family.

On Friday, Dec. 21, PD held its annual toys give-away in which more than a thousand youngsters picked up unwrapped toys PD collected from businesses, organizations and residents alike.

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