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La Feria Fire Department Holds Candy and Toy Drive

by Victor Moreno/LFN

photos La Feria Fire and Rescue Facebook Community Page

La Feria Fire and Rescue’s Christmas tradition to spread holiday joy around the neighborhood on Christmas morning brought smiles to many local faces on December 25, 2018. Donations for the Candy and Toy Drive poured in at the La Feria Fire Station before December 23rd after an amazing response from the La Feria community.

Local businesses such as White Wing Dental, Heavenly Grace, The Bottle Shop, Fiesta Tex-Mex and Mitchell Citrus generously donated to the La Feria Fire Department’s drive. After volunteers prepared candy bags from the donated goods they rode out Christmas morning handing them out to the community.

The drive took some eight hours until weather moved the giveaway back to the fire station where volunteers continued to give out candy bags. The La Feria Fire Department also invites you to look in our January 16th edition for a special announcement!

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