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Father Jose Villalon. Photo: MB Wright/LFN

Father Jose Villalon. Photo: MB Wright/LFN

Father Jose Villalon Speaks at National Day of Prayer

Born and raised in the little town of La Feria was a good thing for Father Jose Villalon and he proudly shared his feelings on the subject with those gathered at the Mayor’s Breakfast on the National Day of Prayer.

“I left La Feria for seminary in 1982 and I am proud to have come from this town, I was raised with values and skills I have used in every church I had served,” commented Father Villalon.

He said his dad was not in favor of his choice to enter the priesthood; he had another dream for Jose which included marriage and (jokingly) 3000 kids. Father Villalon said his father’s dream would have been a nightmare for him, but as he was packing for his eight years away at seminary his father told him’ “I will not support you 100%…I’m with you 200%’. And he did, up until his passing nine years ago.

Another big obstacle this small town boy had to overcome to become a priest was stuttering. The challenge continued throughout his eight years of study and then on the evening before his final sermon that would decide his fate he told the Lord,’ If you want me to become a priest you better take care of this (stuttering). Amazingly, he delivered his sermon perfectly for his final examination.

Father Villalon concluded his talk by thanking this little town of La Feria and the community as a whole for instilling good values and the desire to study and be the best he can be. The priest, who is known as the “fixer-upper”, mentioned a few names of special people, especially former La Feria teachers and coaches, who made a huge difference in this life.

“The desire to be the best we can is how we can honor God. The community of La Feria is always in my heart,” concluded Father Villalon.

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