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La Feria Lends Helping Hand to Federal Workers Amid Shutdown

by Tony Vindell/LFN

As the federal government shutdown drags on with no end in sight, some businesses and municipalities are providing assistance to federal workers impacted by the government impasse.

The City of La Feria, for instance, has set up a utility payment option for residents who work for Uncle Sam.

“During the current federal government shutdown,” a release posted on the social media outlet Facebook states, “we encourage all federal employees needing assistance to please speak with the utility billing clerk to discuss your utility payment options.”

City Manager Jaime Sandoval said the mayor and commissioners strongly suggested to city staff to come up with a plan to assist La Feria residents affected by the government shutdown with utility payment options.

“It’s the city administration’s way of helping our citizens during this stressful time,” he said.

“The city will provide extended monthly payment options and will not disconnect or discontinue services to those impacted by the shutdown.”

La Feria is the second municipality to do so under the government shutdown that began on Saturday, Dec. 22.

The City of Mission has announced a similar plan and businesses such as Wells Fargo and a Harlingen Italian-styled restaurant, Stefano’s Brooklyn Pizza, has also provided some form of assistance to the affected federal workers.

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