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Bluegrass Music Grows in La Feria

Musicians participating during a jam session. Photo: Tony Vindell/LFN

by Tony Vindell/LFN

It’s often said that music is the universal language.
People from all over the world enjoy the dozens of genres whether this be folkloric, jazz, blues, rock ‘n roll, country, Tejano, conjunto, Indian, salsa, merengue, Mexican rancheras and so on.

And despite all the varieties of music found, La Feria has become the Blue Grass capital of South Texas thanks to a group of retired Winter Texans who like to spend part of their time playing an array of instruments typical of that musical legacy.

They sing songs with a twang people from this part of the country usually hear in some television shows or movies such as Beverly Hillbillies, Hee Haw or O Brother, Where Art Though?.

Scores of these seasonal tourists have been getting together to play and sing Blue Grass tunes while others sit across from them sometimes singing along and moving or tapping their feet as the band entertains them.

They do so every Tuesday from November through April at La Feria Kenwood RV Resort on North Main Street.

The house group is an eight-member band of virtuosos called Rio Grande Valley Gid-R-Don Blue Grass Band.

Wayne Uncer, a band member from Ontario, Canada, said Tuesdays are jam sessions in which anyone from anywhere in the Valley can participate.

Others strums their instrument as they watch and listen to a band play. Photo: Tony Vindell/LFN

They play and sing for several hours and the public is invited to enjoy the music.

In addition to that, the band holds fundraising concerts all over the Valley and donates its proceeds to St. Jude Hospitals.

Uncer said they have given out about $15,000 since they started having the fundraisings.

About one-third of the band members and the musicians who participate in the jam sessions are residents of the RV park, while the rest are from other RV resorts.

Some of the musicians played with other bands and some are beginning players.

Uncer said all of them are retirees, or Winter Texans, from all over the United States and Canada who like to spend the winter down here to avoid putting up with the brutal cold weather up north.

He said they also take donations anytime they are here.

Kenwood RV Park is at 1201 N. Main St., on north side of Expressway 83 in La Feria. The telephone number there is 956-797-1851.

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