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Fixing La Feria Streets Priority for City

by Tony Vindell/LFN

Fixing the streets of La Feria is a priority the city council has in mind, though it will take a lot money to take care of such a project.

The city gets $260,000 a year from Community Development Block Grant funds but that seems like a drop in the bucket to improve the conditions of the 63 streets identified in a survey.

City Manager Jaime Sandoval explained the survey looked over a section between Canal Road to South Main Street, one of the busiest areas in town because of the school zone and downtown traffic.

However, in order to submit a proposal seeking funds, the area has to meet a certain level of need to qualify.

If it does not qualify, Sandoval asked for council authorization to go over other sections of the city to identify other priority areas.

City council woman Esmeralda Lozano agreed, saying many streets that school buses use regularly are in dire need.

In other business during the Tuesday, February 12th meeting of the La Feria City Commission, city leaders approved a resolution for the election of a mayor and two other members of the city council, the terms for those seats having ended this year.

The council also approved a request to allow a carnival company to be in town until Feb. 23.

The carnival was being installed a week ago just in time for this past Saturday’s Fiesta de la Feria celebration.

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