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RGV Residents Can Still Seek Flood Assistance

by Tony Vindell/LFN

It has been nearly eight months since parts of the Rio Grande Valley were flooded as the region had not seen in many years.

And those impacted by the rains, which in some places dumped closed to 20 inches of precipitation, are still feeling the impact of having flood waters inside their homes and businesses.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, set up assistance centers in a number of cities and closed the facilities after several months last year.

However, there is another agency that has been providing aid to home and business owners.

It’s called Texas Recovering Together, which operates thanks to a FEMA one year grant.

But hurry up as the program ends in August of this year.

Ginger Merino and Lisa Verduzco, two employees with TRT, are urging people to contact them.

“Our office provides counseling services,” Merino said. “We also can link them to other resources.”
TRT staff can meet with people at their homes, at schools, workplaces, clubs and can attend meetings if people request them.

Merino said their agency has a goal to assist 80,000 residents. So far, she said they have reached an 83 percent rate toward that goal.

Verduzco said one of the biggest needs people have been stating is about repairing their homes impacted by the flood.

For more information about TRT please call 956-893-0209, call the crisis line at 1-877-289-7199 or visit them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/texansrecoveringtogether.ccp/

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