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Texas Rangers and State Troopers Speak to Noemi Dominguez Elmementary Students Before STARR Testing

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Story and photos courtesy Alma Martinez – Botello

STAAR READY! It is important to be intentional when encouraging and motivating students before and after testing.
We know that students and teachers work very hard all year, knowing that, in part, testing results will be used to “judge” their performance.

I was able to contact my friends; The Texas Rangers and State Troopers, to come out to support our campus students and motivate them by building self-esteem, confidence, and personal and school pride to our students.

Their pep talk included that anything in which they put their name represents them and follows them for life. The Pre-STAAR pep talk from local Texas State Troopers and Texas Rangers encouraged the 5th and 6th graders to get plenty of sleep before test day as well as the weekend preceding the test. Encourage students to relax and engage in fun activities that will help them release stress.

They also talked to students about what is really at stake with each test. Encouraged students to set high, yet realistic expectations also set short terms goals and celebrate when they are achieved.

We believe in our students.

Thank you to our Noemi Dominguez Elementary school principals; Dr. Cantu, Mrs. Lamas, Board Member Mr. Zambrano and all the teachers and staff for all your hard work preparing for such an important test!

Thank you Texas Rangers and State Troopers you’re your words of encouragement and motivation to our students! YOU GOT THIS!

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