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City Recognizes Volunteers for Aiding Retired Serviceman

City council members and volunteers during Tuesday, July 23 meeting in La Feria. Photo: Tony Vindell/LFN

by Tony Vindell/LFN

A group of volunteers who helped a veteran and his wife not to be evicted from their home were recognized by La Feria City Council.

Each of the volunteers received a certificate of appreciation during the council’s July 23 meeting.

Eric Hoff, a former city councilman, said a couple of months ago he learned that Bill and Henrietta Gwynn were about to get evicted over a misunderstanding that took place at the mobile home park they have been living at for a number of years.

He said they received an eviction notice from the park’s new owner. He immediately called his lawyer, Travis Bence, and told him to look into the Wynn’s situation.

As the issue was under consideration, Hoff said the community pulled together and started holding fundraisers to raise money to help the Gwynns.

Among those participating were the local chapter of the American Legion, La Feria Fire Department, the Texas Rose and others.

“We were able to raise money and negotiated a new five-year lease at a reasonable price,” Hoff said. “We expected for Mr. Gwynn to be here but he could not make it. He is 94 years old.”

The city commission thanked the volunteers for a job well done and continued with one of their monthly meetings.

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