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La Feria City Commission Gets Update on State 211 System

by Tony Vindell/LFN

A State of Texas Emergency Assistance Registry (STEAR) is now in place for the convenience of the population of Cameron County.

The STEAR 2-1-1 system is available for anyone needing assistance in the event a catastrophic act of Mother Nature hits the area.

Nathan Flores, with the county’s emergency management service, gave a presentation during the La Feria City Council July 23 meeting.

He said the 2-1-1 system is a win-win solution for anyone lacking transportation but who must be registered into the system.

“It allows us to know where the needs are the most,” Flores said, “but it does not guarantee an evacuation.”

The registry applies to people with disabilities, access and functional needs, communication barriers and who require medical assistance during emergencies, transportation needs and personal care assistance.

No matter where you live in Texas, you can dial 2-1-1, or (877) 541-7905, and find information about resources in your local community.

Whether you need help finding food or housing, child care, crisis counseling or substance abuse treatment, one number is all you need to know.

For more information about 211, please visit www.211texas.org.

In other business, the council appointed four people to the planning and zoning board. They are Raymond Gonzalez, Elizabeth Perez, Joe Becerra and Victor Gonzalez.

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