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The Legacy of Little Graceland

Late Simon Vega Posthumously Shares Memories of His Time with Elvis in Memoir

by Victor Moreno/LFN

Before his passing, Simon Vega had set out to put his memories of his friendship with Elvis Presley and tell of the activities at his own home in Los Fresnos – affectionately named “Little Graceland.”

“My father loved to talk and laugh about knowing Elvis, he could spend hours talking to people,” said Rosie Vega Mezouari, Simon’s daughter.

“He said, I should write a book!” continued Rosie who said her father got the idea from Mr. Antonio Rivas who published his book “Life is a Challenge” and thought it was a fantastic idea.

So the literary journey began, bringing along a business owner and an English teacher.

The Vega’s solicited the manuscript with the help of Cecil Cunningham, owner of Creative Ideas and Fundraising, and Erin Graybill, a local English teacher, to make the book a reality.

“The process took about 9 months to complete, my dad would talk and talk and Erin would patiently take notes,” recounts Rosie.

“My father hand picked the photos,” said Rosie, and laughed when she remembered that her father wanted to put all his photos in the book but had to limit the amount.

Sadly, on May 12, 2017, Mr. Simon Vega died at the age of 81 before the compilation of work and photos was completed in December of 2017.

The completed and published memoir was made available through Amazon in June of 2018 and is also available by phone order for $15 plus postage.

The memoir compiles some of Simon Vega’s life moments and memories from his childhood in Los Fresnos, his service in the US Army where he met Elvis, and his family life and activities at his Los Fresnos home “Little Graceland”.

To order your copy of the book “Serving With The KING of Rock and Roll – A Memoir by Simon Vega” please call Rosie at (956)551-2564.

The Little Graceland Elvis Presley Museum at 701 West Ocean Blvd, Los Fresnos, Texas. Photo: LFN Archive Photo



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