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Archeology Day Held at Palo Alto National Historical Park

Ruben Cordova , rigtht, talks to Mariel Tolenado and his sister Cynthia at the Palo Alto National Park in Brownsville. Photo: Tony Vindell/LFN

by Tony Vindell/LFN

The Palo Alto National Historical Park had a day full of activities to educate people on the different aspects of life such as archeological findings, Native American traditions, historical preservation, fighting periods and some of the materials used to build homes and buildings.

The event coincided with Texas Archeology Month.

Children and adults alike participated in a number of activities, some of which were a hands-on approach to learn about some of the old customs people practiced at one time or another.

Ruben and Anabeth Cordova sat in front of a table filled with items used or made by Native Americans.

They included musical instruments, weapons and tanned animal hides.

Cordova said they are Lipan Apache and his ancestors either worked or fought in wars in the 1800s.

He said they go all over South Texas educating people about their heritage.

The Cordovas and others participate in a Native American Pow Wow held in San Benito and in other Rio Grande Valley cities each year.

Mariel Tolenado and her sister, Cynthia, stopped by the Cordovas’ table to get information.

Tolenado, who is a graduate from Los Fresnos High School, said she is pursuing a master’s degree in Mexican-American Studies at UTRGV.

“This is pretty interesting,” she said. “There are a lot of things that happened here but people do not know.”

As the day went on, those behind the many informational booths kept providing information on such things as the bricks used to build homes, the attires worn during past wars, the weapons used and about historical preservation.

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