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La Feria Veterans Memorial Monument – Veterans Day

Special to La Feria News | From La Feria Chamber of Commerce

On Monday, November 11, 2019, at 10:00 am a beautiful dedication to the Veterans and Veterans’ families took place in La Feria, Texas. The Veterans Day ceremony was put together by LaFeria Area Chamber of Commerce, the La Feria Veterans Memorial Committee, and the La Feria American Legion Post 439.
“The celebration not only thanked and honor the veterans and their families for all their sacrifices but also recognized the true meaning of being part of the United States Armed Forces. It was an emotional heart inspiring moment to have the community come together and honor veterans and their families. The Importance of Honoring Our Veterans, whether, in times of war or peace, veterans and their families devote their lives to the service of our country and the ideals we hold dear. The sacrifices they make are without parallel: In times of war, veterans put their lives on the line to protect our freedoms. These men and women deserve our gratitude for their willingness to serve this country and help protect our rights and our freedoms. Next time you exercise the freedom of speech, to vote, to move freely about the country, to protect your family, and gather in your house of worship, you should thank a veteran. Veteran’s Day means freedom, sacrifice, and honor for those who serve or served in the military. It also means to give thanks to the families of the Veterans who serve and have served. Veterans give up their freedom for our freedoms. We wouldn’t have the freedom to go to school, do things with our family, and have the freedom of religion without them. This Memorial Monument is a special place to remind us of all the Veterans’ lives and family sacrifices have significance and honor. How the community comes together, honors, and supports our United States Armed Forces instills patriotism and camaraderie to future generations.  The significance and value of our United States American Flag as fellow Americans and each military soldier of the United States Armed Forces carry the flag proudly. The Memorial Monument is a special place where I am proud to be an American, blessed to contribute to the Veteran community that has given so much for our country, and thankful, appreciative and humbled.  We love them and thank them with all our hearts!” – said Alma Martinez-Botello, Veterans Memorial Monument Committee Representative, Event Coordinator/Outreach.
The program opened with LaFeria Area Chamber of Commerce Master of Ceremony, Israel Coronado a US army veteran. It was followed by the Bugle Call: Assembly played by Ignacio Garcia a US Army Veteran. The Invocation was presented by First United Methodist ChurchPastor Fred Perez Jr. Followed by the Flag Raising Ceremony by the RelentlessKnights LEMC Directed by Arturo Salas a US Army Veteran. The U.S. national anthem was sung by Christine Philip, followed by the La Feria High SchoolChoir. The La Feria High School Honor Guard was directed by Carlos Romero. Welcome Greeting words of the Veterans Memorial Monument Committee Representative, John Hernandez, US Marine Veteran were read out aloud in conjunction with the Mayor of La Feria.  The Guest Speaker was Honorable Texas Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr. in conjunction with the Marines Reserve presented flags to the family in Honor of Jose I. Loya, USArmy Veteran. The Texas Senator also recognize Alma Martinez-Botello for her leadership and contribution in the community with a Certification of excellence.
Also, the Veterans MemorialMonument Committee were recognized for their contributions to the Veterans Community. Committee Members are John Hernandez, Lori Weaver, Patricio Contreras, Rosalinda Taguilas, Keith Grayson, Maria Rincon, Jose Loya, Arturo Salas, Alma Martinez Botello. Last, the Senator recognized the La FeriaArea Chamber of Commerce President, Sunny K. Philip with an Honorary GavelEngraved for the continuous dedication, leadership, and contribution to the veterans’ community, the business community, and contributions to the communities of Santa Maria, Santa Rosa, and La Feria. Veterans Memorial Monument Committee Representatives Keith Grayson a US Navy Veteran recognized and thanked all veterans who serve and have served by calling out 142 names listed. Special dedication words in Honor of US Army Harvey H. Storms by Maria N. Rincon, US Army Veteran. The First Patriotic Reading was inspired and brought meaning to the significance of the American flag and what a Veteran stands for by Carlos Romero a US army veteran.

The Second Patriotic Reading was speaker, Marie Herrera Vega a ProudMother of Marine Javier Vega Jr. in Japan and Marine Jordy Vega in Iraq. Special thanks were given by Veterans Memorial Monument Committee by representative Lori Sherman Weaver, who thank all the volunteers, sponsors that made it possible with donations for the continuous construction and contributions to ceremonies that take place at the Memorial Monument in La Feria. special thanks were as followed: LaFeria I.S.D., La Feria Area Chamber of Commerce, La Feria Veterans Memorial Committee,La Feria American Legion Post 439, La Feria American Legion Post 205, SouthTexas Collaborative for Housing Development, Inc., South Texas Emerging MarketsDevelopment Fund, Inc., La Feria High School Color Guard, La Feria High SchoolTAPS, La Feria High School Choir, La Feria Lions, La Feria Lions Club, FirstUnited Methodist Church of La Feria, First Christian Church, Christine Philip,Senator Eddie Lucio, Jr., Marines Reserve Color Guard , Valley MetroTransportation, Golden Corral of Harlingen, TX, El Centro Foods, Innovated Block, State Rep Oscar Longoria.
Mrs. Weaveralso spoke on behalf of Veterans Memorial Monument Committee Volunteer -Rosalinda Taguilas regarding purchase of Pavers and Benches, and order forms could be picked up at the Chamber of Commerce as well as inviting members to be part of the committee next meeting on scheduled on the 2nd Tuesday of the month in the Library for more information they could contact the Chamber a Committee member.


The Closing Prayer was in Spanish and conducted by the La Feria Christian Church, Pastor Samuel Flores. Closing Remarks were by Feria Area Chamber of Commerce President Sunny K. Philip reminding the community of the Veteran Memorial Monument is a community project honoring and thanking the Veterans and their families. Commander Davis of American Legion Post 439 of La Feria invited everyone to Veterans Reception and continue ceremony where Mayor Olga Maldonado was the guest, Speaker. American Legion Post 205 of Harlingen did the Gun Salute and taps. Finally, the La Feria FFA Leadership Development Team lead each Militarybranch with an appropriate flag and the Veterans present paraded behind their branch and the people applauded them as the marched and took a picture together.
This is the 3rd  Annual Veterans Day Celebration La Feria Area Chamber of Commerce has put together in partnership with the Veterans Memorial Monument Committee and TheAmerican Legion Post 439.  The VeteransMemorial Monument project began in 2010 and has its difficulties to complete, the city unable to assist the Committee any longer, it took a pause from construction. Four years ago the La Feria Area Chamber of Commerce was asked to assist the Veterans Memorial Monument Committee. The Chamber is a volunteer organization and was able to help the monument maintenance and construction expansion, ceremonies by contributing to the outreach publicize to inform the public about the memorial.
Also, the Chamber promoted the purchase of more benches, pavers, fundraisers, sponsorship, donations, exposure, and successful bring Veterans awareness to the community and put together in partnership with others for holiday activities and community events to honor our Veterans and support the Veterans Memorial Monument, Veterans, and Committee. On behalf of the La Feria Chamber of Commerce and Veterans Memoria Monument Committee, we like to thank the Veterans for their service and sacrifices. God bless America!
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