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Valley weather makes for great gardening

Native wild olive tree with white flower clusters and furry leaves. Photo: Ann Johnston / LFN


The first day of spring is upon us – although our Magic Valley enjoys balmy weather for a good part of the year.

That means our gardening calendars, USDA Zone, nearly total lack of freezes, and semi-tropical location must adopt different plants, a different growing season, and a different mindset for the total gardening experience.

This article is intended to nourish your enthusiasm for and enjoyment of gardening with hints and suggestions gleaned over the years.
Suggestions: Spring is the perfect time to spiff up your landscape. Think of your yard as several separate areas or “rooms.” One area might be a seating area. One might be planted to attract birds and butterflies. Another might have primarily one color scheme. Work on one area at a time so that you don’t get overwhelmed!

Drive around: See what catches your eye. Take pictures to consult later. Businesses hire professional landscapers so get ideas there, too.

Hints: Sun and shade are very important. All-day sun will dry some plants. Shade can be too dense to allow any light. Be aware of the hours of sunlight a place receives. Checks tags when buying plants.

Look for: Something is blooming here all year round. Watch for these beauties blooming now.

Step through the Garden Gate for more gardening suggestions, hints and things to look for next week.

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