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Fire destroys four homes in La Feria neighborhood

A fire in the neighborhood of Old Solid Road and 5th Street burns on Friday, March 26 Photos: Nelda Briones / LFN


LA FERIA – On the afternoon of Thursday, March 26, a fire broke out in a La Feria neighborhood on Old Solis Road and 5th Street.

Emergency personnel from both La Feria and Harlingen responded to the call. La Feria Fire Chief Dave Phinney said the fire ended up consuming at least four mobile homes and that the windy day didn’t help matters.
Phinney also stated that everyone in all the homes got out safely and that no one was hurt.

The exact cause of the fire is currently under investigation by the Cameron County Fire Marshal’s office, but Phinney cautioned everyone in the community to not consume too much electricity at one time and be mindful of plugging too many things into one outlet.

A neighbor, by the name of Maria, mentioned that she smelled smoke and looked outside to see what was going on. It was then that she noticed that a small trailer outside was on fire. She said that all she could think of was the children and their safety.

Maria said the fire caught onto the other homes quickly and she was worried that since the trees near the homes were on fire that it would jump over across the street.

She said she is thankful that there were no injuries and for the quick response from the first responders.

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