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A drive along our state highways can be quite a sight to see


Wildflowers seen along one of the many Texas highways. Photo: Ann Johnston / LFN

Our highways are decorated right now with numerous wildflowers, including our state flower blue bonnets, indian paintbrushes, wine cups, and so many more.

Pack a picnic lunch and drive north while our usual activities are shut down. Travel north on either US Highway 77 or 281 and then at about Corpus Christi, cut across to the other highway to make a circle. This way you will see some of the ranch land in bloom, too. Be sure to take your camera.

Hints: It is beginning to get warmer and with our lack of rain, our lawns and flowerbeds will need water. The high winds contribute to drying out the landscape. But consider these hints while watering:

• Don’t use sprinklers during the heat of the day or during a windy day. The sun on the water could burn tender new leaves and blades of grass. The wind will evaporate and blow away the moisture.

• Water in the early morning. Watering in the evening or night leaves dampness on the leaves and grass, causing molds and mildew. Particularly on vegetables.

On the subject of planting vegetables, young vegetable plants are available at all our gardening centers. Get them planted now before it gets too hot for a less than mature plant. Many newer vegetable plants are specifically for growing in pots. The tag on the pot should help with how large – and deep – the pot needs to be.

Step through the Garden Gate for more gardening suggestions, hints, and things to watch for next week.

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