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Cameron County extends shelter-in-place order


Prepare to stay home for at least another two weeks as on April 6, Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino Jr. announced that he was extending the county’s shelter-in-place order to at least April 21. The original edict had been set to expire on April 8.

“I appreciate everyone who is abiding by the order and understanding the reasoning for it,” Trevino said during a news conference on April 6. “These are such difficult times in which we must sacrifice a little today, but for a greater tomorrow for all. The order in place is to protect us all and if we continue to abide by it, we can ‘flatten the curve’ as we’ve done so until today. Please, be mindful that COVID-19 abides by no race, gender, color of skin or your last name. Let’s do everything we can to prevent a loved one from being a victim of this pandemic. We’re in this together.”

On April 6, Cameron County announced its first COVID-19 related death. The resident was an 81-year old man who had been housed at Veranda Nursing Home in Harlingen. This marked the third death in the Valley as a resident of Willacy County died earlier and a resident of Hidlago County passed away on April 7.

As of April 8, Cameron County had reported a total of 108 cases of people who had tested positive for the coronavirus. However, of those 101, 20 individuals had been cleared. Moreover, seven of those who had recently tested positive were linked to cases that originated at Veranda Nursing Home and Windsor Atrium Nursing Home.

The list also included two females from Santa Rosa (a 45-year old and a 49-year old) as well as two females from Los Fresnos (a 55-year old and an 18-year old). The 18-year-old was not linked to a previous case.

In addition to extending the shelter-in-place order, Trevino also recommended utilizing a face mask/covering when out in public and, as a precautionary measure, children under the age of 14 are now not allowed to enter large gathering areas such as grocery stores, convenience stores and any public outing for the time being.

“My top priority is the safety and well-being of all the people of Cameron County and taking these precautionary measures should help in this endeavor,” Treviño said.

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  1. ACortez

    April 17, 2020 at 6:53 pm

    Thank you for all you do to keep us save it’s a very difficult call to make but the appropriate one God Bless

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