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La Feria Café waitstaff get unexpected, pleasant surprise

The waitstaff from the La Feria Café, which just recently reopened for business, got a very unexpected surprise after a couple of its regular customers gave them a large amount of money. Photo: Nelda Briones / LFN


On May 22, shortly before the La Feria Café reopened its doors for the first time since the COVID-19 pandemic forced it to close back in mid-March, the waitstaff got a surprise they didn’t expect.

Susie Briones, one of the servers from the restaurant, mentioned that she had received a message that a couple of the café’s regular customers wanted to speak with her. The customers had been trying to get in touch with her at the café, but hadn’t been able to since the business had been closed.

As soon as she found out the couple was trying to contact her, she called them back and was asked if she could meet with them at the café because they had something to tell her.

Upon meeting with them, the couple handed Susie an envelope that contained a large sum of money that they said they had no use for. They said it was for her to share with all the waitstaff from the café.

The couple said they knew that having to close the restaurant had to have been hard for the waitstaff and they simply wanted to help. They also mentioned that the staff at the café had always been good to them and they really enjoyed the food.

After the couple left, Susie said she was surprised at the generous amount the couple left for all of them. They all felt blessed and the money couldn’t have come at a better time. Susie went on to say that the waitstaff is truly grateful for the couple and couldn’t thank them enough.

Susie also mentioned that at first the couple was hesitant about allowing her to go to the media with this heartfelt story. However, they ultimately agreed only after they were assured their identity would remain anonymous.

The La Feria Café finally decided to open its doors on May 22 after Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced that restaurants in the state could run at 50 percent capacity. The La Feria Café is open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. is located at 128 W. Commercial Ave. Its phone number is (956) 887-7018.

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