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La Feria native turns organizational skills into thriving business

Kim Bruce, who is from La Feria but currently resides in Rockwall, turned a love of being organized into a successful business called “Organizing Spaces by Kim,” which has been featured in magazines, including Photo: Courtesy Kim Bruce’s Facebook Page


Kim Bruce has always lived an organized lifestyle. With the inspiration from her mom at home while growing up, the organization trait stuck with her.

Bruce realized that being organized was essential, and after 12 years of teaching, the La Feria native started her own business “Organizing Spaces by Kim” in Rockwall, Texas.

Bruce is a professional organizer whose website was recently featured on Voyage Dallas Magazine and

Bruce goes into clients’ homes and helps them “declutter.” Whatever is left over, she organizes for her clients with bins she purchases. She also uses those bins to create systems.

College was the point where Bruce realized she was swell at organizing, and her friends would tell her how organized she was.

“That’s when I started realizing I was organized,” Bruce said, “but I never thought it could financially benefit me. I never thought it could pay my bills. It never crossed my mind or else I would’ve hopped on it sooner!”

Bruce got her degree in communications with a minor in public relations and went the route her family was in, which was education. She got her teaching certification and had stops at Dallas ISD, Galveston ISD and Garland ISD.

Bruce then got her business going by having someone create a logo for her. She also set up a website and Instagram account, too. She also hired a lawyer, who is also a La Feria graduate. Bruce opened “Organizing Spaces by Kim” in January 2019 and put it out there to see if anybody would take the bait, and they did.

La Feria native Kim Bruce regularly posts organization tips on her Instagram page – @organizingspacesbykim. Photos: Kim Bruce’s Instagram Page

One thing Bruce said is very important to her is labels. She likes to leave a space in her systems for them because labels are convenient for returning items to their proper places. Her teaching certification also comes in handy when she teaches her clients.

“I do help, also, coach clients on the importance of not having too much,” Bruce said. “It’s OK if you have a huge closet. You don’t always have to fill it. It’s OK if we have an empty drawer or empty shelf. That’s called room to grow, and that’s OK.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bruce said it became a different lifestyle for her, especially since she has two kids as well. However, Bruce said she has never been more organized in her life.

“People usually say, ‘I was organized until I had kids,’” Bruce said. “Not me. When they woke up, I had to be on my A-game. So, labeling things, putting things back where they belong is something I always did because I knew if I needed something now and quick, I had to be able to find it.”

Bruce has been in business for about a year and a half, living in Rockwall, but still loves La Feria. Her mother visits Rockwall, too, and loves the landscape.

Her website or services can be reached at, or by reaching out on her Facebook and Instagram pages.

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