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La Feria residents invited to participate in research survey

Information could help earn LFISD a $1,000 donation


A student researcher at the University of Texas in Austin is asking for help with research on the impact on COVID-19, and her designated area just so happens to be La Feria.

Daniela Lopez, a San Benito High School graduate and current UT senior, is asking for help to conduct research on the impact the ongoing coronavirus pandemic is having in the community of La Feria.

Participation in the survey is free and completely anonymous.

Participants can choose from two methods — either an anonymous survey, an interview, or both. The survey can be found here online.

Lopez said the survey takes about 10 to 15 minutes to complete and there is a $1,000 donation to the local school district for the community that submits the most responses.

“I’ve been interviewing community members and sending out a survey to get more information about the type of people that live in La Feria and what their experiences are so I can find out how COVID-19 has impacted what La Feria used to be like and what we can do after (the coronavirus) to help it,” Lopez said.

The purpose of her project is studying the effects of COVID-19 in small and rural communities in Texas. Her research includes a survey to be filled out over a phone interview or Zoom meeting, which could be scheduled with Lopez. Participating in the survey would help researchers at the University of Texas get a sense of what can help the community following the pandemic.

Lopez said with whatever data is collected will be sent back to community leaders for them to make decisions on what is next.

“The survey is done online,” Lopez said. “The interviews can be done via Zoom or by telephone. There’s not really any preferences, but the main meeting that UT is going to have with La Feria will be done through a Zoom conference.

“It asks things about their education history,” Lopez continued. “It also asks about their income, the zip code that they work in or live in. It also asks questions like how they feel with certain aspects that the community has done with COVID-19, and how they feel about their community as well.”

Anyone wishing to help Lopez can reach her email at There is also more information on the study at:

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