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Cameron County receives major funds for Santa Rosa park

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Cameron County is pleased to announce that the Texas Parks & Wildlife Commission has approved funding for improvements to the Santa Rosa Community Park under the Non-Urban Outdoor Local Park Grant Programs in the amount of $750,000. The improvement components include an aquatic recreational area, a covered basketball court, a covered pavilion, picnic facilities, interpretive signage and native landscaping, including a butterfly garden.

“Thank you, Texas Parks & Wildlife Department for the partnership on this wonderful project,” said Cameron County Judge Eddie Trevino Jr. in a statement. “Cameron County developed the Santa Rosa Community Park in the 1980’s with the assistance of a grant from the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department. This park is located in the heart of the community and has been used and enjoyed by many generations.

“In June 2019, this remarkable small community was hit hard with 16 inches of rain in just four hours. The resultant flooding destroyed homes, businesses, belongings and the County’s public swimming pool. This funding will allow for the development of an aquatic recreational area and other much-needed improvements that will create a wonderful experience for the residents of the city of Santa Rosa and Cameron County.”

Cameron County Commissioner Precinct 4 Gus Ruiz stated, “We greatly appreciate this outstanding funding opportunity that the Texas Parks & Wildlife Department has provided to Cameron County. This is an exciting project and we look forward to breaking ground in the near future. This project will benefit the quality of life for the residents and visitors of Santa Rosa and Cameron County.”

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