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New flower shop opens for business

by Billy Watson | LFN

Flowers & More by Joy in the Box is now open for business. The newly opened flower shop, ran by Janie Torres, is more than two weeks into business in their 102 South Main Street location in La Feria. The flower shop features mainly flowers for sale and order but also
has in stock lawn décor and signs, portraits for Valentine’s Day – which is free – balloon arches, and gift baskets. They also offer helium services. From the beginning, Torres was working as medical assistant before quitting her job simply because of the stress of the pandemic and for her personal safety. Torres said her and friend from church, who used to work for Lulu’s, a flower shop also in La Feria, had wanted to open a shop together.

They started working from home in November out of a utility shed before looking for space to work out of in La Feria. Torres said she feel
the shop offers to the residents as a way to offer a local experience.

“We wanted to open locally because there’s things I feel like La Feria doesn’t have that they could benefit from,” Torres said. “They’re going to have to go to Harlingen or Weslaco. So, we starting looking for areas here for rent in La Feria, and we finally found this area here.”

Everything started to fall into place, and Torres said it took a lot of prayer.

“I didn’t want to make any mistakes,” Torres said. “I didn’t want to invest incorrectly. I didn’t want to waste money and then spent money and later and be like, ‘I could’ve used that money somewhere else.’ So, it was very
nerve-racking. Finally, we seeked the counseling of God, and we progressed.”

Torres said lawn décor has been a very popular item because of the pandemic and people using their creativity to safely have a parade or party.

“Because of COVID right now, that’s very popular,” Torres said. “People aren’t doing their parties anymore. So, they’re doing these drive-by events, which are pretty cool, right? So, that’s been really good. That’s been something very useful in the community of La Feria.”

Torres said she feels the services to the community is something La Feria can benefit from.

“These are the services I feel La Feria needed,” Torres said. “The signs, the
helium… I know we have another (flower shop) in town, but we could really use a second flower shop. There’s enough work for everybody. So, that’s what led us to opening up this place here.”

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