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Deaths increase as pandemic reaches plateau

By Tony Vindell
The pandemic caused by the Covid-19 virus has reached a plateau but with that comes an increase in people dying from the virus.
Such was the picture painted during a press conference held as up to 2,000 people received their second Moderna vaccines on Feb. 5 at Casa de Amistad in Harlingen.
Cameron County Judge Eddie Treviño Jr., several county health officials, Harlingen Mayor Chris Boswell and Manny Vela, the chief executive officer with Valley Baptist Medical Center –Harlingen, gave an assessment on the current health situation.
Boswell said they now see a light at the end of the tunnel, adding there are still challenges ahead.
“Today is a milestone as 2,000 people are getting their second doses today, which means they are fully inoculated,” he said. “This has been difficult because we don’t have enough vaccines and we thank you for your patience.”
Treviño said the increase in cases in December and January can be attributed to the gathering of people during the holidays.
Asked when people that don’t fall under 1A and 1B categories are going to be vaccinated, he said the Center for Disease Control, has not set any newer guidelines.
1A applies to health and front line workers and 1B is for people 65 years and above as well as for those with preexisting conditions who are much younger.
Treviño said they need to take care of the older, saying they have much higher probabilities to get hospitalized and to die from the virus.
He said a total of 1,357 people have died as of the day of the press conference.

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