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La Feria News’ Boss Shaves “Covid Hair”

Landon Jennings, Known for his Outlandish Hair, has Decided to go for a New Look

Emilio Flores
La Feria News

Many that know Landon Jennings, the owner of the La Feria Newspaper, will recognize him for his big curly hair and beard. Two weeks prior though, he was still rocking that long puffy hair and beard but that all changed because, on October 22nd, 2021, our boss at La Feria News decided it was time for a cut.

He says he thinks it’s been just a little over a year now, and honestly, the look has seem to have grown on us all, pun intended. Like all decent things though, they must be shaved… and as he promised Miss Betsy at the Hair Center before, she would have the honor of cutting his hair, though later, Ryan Ortiz, a barber that has been working at the hair center for several months now, took over cleaning things up.

Being the good family man he is, Mr. Jennings saved a bit of his hair for his daughters. So that they could remember all the times they enjoyed playing with it and wouldn’t be sad to see it all gone. We love our boss with or without all that hair, and we’re not just saying that because he pays us.

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