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LFHS Hosts a 4-day Digital Media Camp

Students receive Certificate of Completion and a t-shirt through the camp.

Emilio Flores & Jazmin Parea

La Feria News

La Feria TX. — on Monday, June 6, La Feria High School started a four-day Digital Media Camp for students in 7th through 11th grade. The classes were from 12:30 to 3:30 and encompassed quite a bit of digital media itself.

Mrs. Megan Treviño-Torres is a digital media teacher at La Feria High School, she says, “Digital media is something I am very passionate about,”

But says It wasn’t until much later that she found out how much she really loved it. Offering these classes early on will give them the opportunity to explore the different career paths that are available after high school.

“It’s a rather new program,” Torres mentions, “So we are trying to build it and let students know that the program is available.”

Abe Hernandez instructs students in photography.

She says that’s what drove her to bring in people with these career types; she both wants to inspire students with new opportunities and give them a taste of what digital media as a whole has to offer.
The different classes the school had were Photography both portrait and commercial, Graphic Design, and Videography.

The different teachers
Nora Isabel Olivarez has her own Photography business called NoraIsabelphotography, that’s how you can find her Instagram and Facebook page.

Mrs. Olivarez took time to teach students to feel comfortable and give feedback to the person you are taking pictures of; capturing the genuine moments. She encouraged students to suggest different poses and have them use lighting and camera angles to get a better shot.

Throughout the three-day training, Olivarez kept her students having fun with a sense of light-heartedness. She says that a lot of the students were nervous at first, but after not much time they were trying different angles and having fun with it.

Abe Hernadez is also a Photographer with his business called and can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

Hernandez’s class was focused on Commercial Photography. He exposed the students to different styles and techniques in the Photography world and gave them insights into some of the differences between portrait photography and commercial photography.

Students in the class also got the privilege to fly a drone, which is often used for making commercials for businesses.

Waldo Trilla showing students a demo

The camp also had two Graphic Design teachers, Yadira Hernandez and Froge Studios. Froge Studios was only able to participate on the first day, Trevino says that he designed the flyer and t-shirts for the students. Yadira Hernandez showed the students the starting steps in creating a logo from a sketch.
Hernandez explains that she would sketch on paper first then upload a photo of the sketch and with Illustrator begin working on the final product. Students learned the process, then they had the chance to sketch their own design and build a logo on their own.

Hernandez has much experience in graphic design, working with the city of Edinburg through the chamber, and also helping to make designs for the PD and summer rec center events.

Lastly, the Videography class helped direct an interview with a local muralist artist by the name of Hector Guerra. Waldo Trilla, the founder of Trillavision, instructed his class on what a video interview setup looks like, and how to run the camera, microphone, and soundboard. Along with what questions to ask as an interviewer, and ultimately how to make a professional-looking short film. Click here to watch what they put together.

At the end of the camp on Thursday, June 9, they had a short ceremony showing what they had accomplished and received t-shirts for participating in the camp. the Camp was a great opportunity for students that may be interested in a future career in the Digital Media world. Trevino says she wants to make this a yearly event, and that she hopes to grow it.

La Feria ISD’s Facebook posts “We are so proud of the work our students completed and we can’t wait to see what they create in the future with their new knowledge.”

Students receive Certificate of Completion and a t-shirt through the camp.
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