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This Summer: Stay in Shape without a Gym Membership

Home-gymIt’s not as easy to hide under layers of clothing during the summer. You’ll want to look your best in those shorts, t-shirts and bathing suits; as such, staying in shape is key.

Many lifestyle experts say you have more than enough space for a makeshift gym inside your home or apartment, no matter how small it is. And during the warmer months of the year, you can also make great use of your home’s outdoor spaces.

“Not everyone can designate an entire room of their apartment, condo or home to exercise; but as long as you have some floor space, you can get a great full-body workout,” says Wendy Froehlich of, one of the nation’s top online real estate listing and lifestyle resources.

Whether you live in a mansion or efficiency, you can stay fit with these great moves:

  • Get Zen with yoga: All you need is a yoga mat and a little floor space to practice yoga; a quiet and relaxing way to wind down, stay flexible and gain strength. Try the poses on your back deck, balcony porch or even your living room. Likewise, Pilates moves can be done on a yoga mat as well.
  • Easy Equipment: Get toned with free weights, exercise bands, ankle weights and stability balls. You can do your reps right in front of the television. And the beauty of this inexpensive equipment is that it doesn’t take up much space inside your home or apartment when you aren’t using it.
  • Flat Abs: For minimal movement with maximum impact, try bicycle crunches. You’ll target your core — specifically your obliques — without disturbing the neighbors.
  • Push it with a plank: Simply push off your mat as though you’re doing a push up and rest on your elbows and toes. Keep your back flat and maintain the pose for two sets of two minutes. It’s a challenging but rewarding fitness move that provides a full body workout and especially targets your core.
  • Classic moves: Some of the best moves require no equipment whatsoever. Pushups, crunches, squats and floor lunges are all classic fitness moves that will help you tone and tighten in your very own home.
  • Pull ups: A pull-up bar is simple to install in any doorway, so even those in temporary home rentals can target their biceps and back muscles with a few sets each day.
  • Every day activity: Make simple lifestyle changes to burn extra calories throughout the day. If you live in a multi-story building, become a more active apartment dweller and take the stairs.  Did you know that you can burn about 300 calories per hour of housework? Get a great workout while vigorously cleaning your apartment once a week.

More lifestyle tips for maximizing life in small apartments and homes can be found at

Drop the excuses! No matter your budget or space limitations, you can look great this summer by designing a workout routine for your home.

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