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Drainage Work and More Upgrades to Parks in Near Future

The City Manager explaining some of their ideas for the all-inclusive playscapes. Photo taken by Emilio Flores, La Feria News.

Emilio Flores
La Feria News

La Feria, Texas — On Tuesday, August 9th, the City held their City council meeting which consisted of many great considerations. The full list of agendas can be found on the City of La Feria’s website under their calendar.

The first presentation was regarding a drainage project by Fulcrum Engineering. The presentation shared the analysis of areas where drainage could be improved in a ranking of one through six, one being the most pressing for maintenance and attention.

Fulcrum’s analysis of the drainage system in La Feria. Photo taken by Emilio Flores, La Feria News

Next on the agenda was also on the drainage, Sandavol shares that there are two portions of the drainage project they are working on. He shares during the meeting that the city partnered with southern trenchless in order to have a video on the condition of the city’s drainage system.

Alfonso Rodriguez, Public Works Director, leads in presenting several videos of select drainage pipes Southern Trenchless was instructed to take video of. Rodriguez shares that they have found a pipeline intersecting a drainage pipe. “Video number one – We found this on Primrose and 506,” Rodriguez says, “That line shouldn’t be there.” He says they are obstructing water flow for the drainage pipes.
Rodriguez shares that without this inspection, they would’ve never known the line was there. During the presentation, the director of the Public works also shared a video of roots that have begun to come through.

Rodriguez shares that because they have already cleaned these drainage lines they can now go in and inspect, whereas before, it wouldn’t have been possible.

“I’m waiting for a good rain to see what happens,” and to see how this will affect the system. He says that in 29 years, the drainage lines had never been cleaned, in fact, they probably hadn’t ever been cleaned just because Rodriguez says “back then, they didn’t have the equipment we have.”

Playscape Upgrades
Number ten on the agenda last week was “Consideration and possible action to purchase an inclusive Playscape and park equipment from Park Place Recreation Designs – BuyBoard…” This “Inclusive Playscape” means there will be ramps and other accompanying items to make the park area handicap accessible. The City Manager explains that this playscape will allow siblings to play where, if one was handicapped, it may be difficult.

Some of the council board expressed their excitement for this purposed agenda, The Mayor says she thinks it’ll be really nice to be able to offer that to the kids in La Feria. This consideration was approved.

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