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Teen Topics: Summer Before College


GirlStudyingBedroomCR0708Congratulations to all those who graduated this month! Sitting on that stage and receiving my diploma definitely seemed surreal, high school has just gone by so fast. Now we have the next three months to pass away before we all go off into our own directions. However instead of just waiting for these months to go by before we start college, there are many opportunities for us to use our time wisely.

Many of my friends have decided to work this summer to make some pocket money that they can then spend in college. This is a really good idea, because not only does it instill a sense of discipline in a person, but also gives you something to occupy your time. Sometimes you can find a paying job by just sincerely asking. A friend of mine was able to secure a paid research position by simply emailing and asking a professor nicely.

College may be exciting because of the independence and freedom that we will have but don’t forget that the main reason we go to college is to receive our degrees. Studies have shown that 3 months of doing no intellectually stimulating activity can make us forget quite a bit of what we have spent years learning. While studying during the summer may not be any fun, it can be advantageous to at least read a book or the newspaper regularly, and review some material in August before we go off to college.

We should use our time usefully but also not forget to have fun! These three months will be some of the most relaxed in our life. We should not forget to spend some of the last moments we have with all of our friends. More importantly, we will be moving out soon so family time should be given priority this summer. I wish everyone a happy summer and good luck in college!

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