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Chinese XPress Comes to La Feria

Big Turnout for Official Grand Opening


Angie Castanon is joined by Mayor Steve Brewer and Lori Weaver and a host of guests as she cuts the ribbon to open her new Chinese Xpress restaurant. Photo: Bill Keltner/LFN

“We will feature the most popular Chinese dishes and some surprises in our daily Chinese buffet,” owner Angie Castanon promises.

The official opening and Open House of the new CHINESE XPRESS restaurant last week brought together elected city officials, the Constable’s office, a Judge and his court, and a huge turnout of invited guests. The mayor and his staff joined Angie Castanon as she cut the ribbon, officially announcing the opening of her new La Feria business.

The excitement wasn’t just for the new business in town, but it was also an historical event. How so? Well…no one could recall a Chinese restaurant ever being in La Feria before–So, it has to be the first–That makes it history-making, No?

Mayor Steve Brewer welcomed the crowd and expressed the wish that the new venture would be successful and grow and prosper with the city. “This new Chinese restaurant will add variety to the types of cuisine available to our residents,” he said, then added, “Now, we won’t have to go to Weslaco or Harlingen for good Chinese food.”

The new oriental cuisine is rapidly catching on in La Feria according to Nancy Hernandez, our attentive waitress. “Lots of people are trying our food; some have never enjoyed Chinese food before, and they find they like it, “she told LA FERIA NEWS.

The well-attended event will not soon be forgotten, because Angie invited everyone present to grab a plate, and then turned them loose on the tantalizing, buffet she had prepared. It was “on-the-house.” Way to go, Angie.

Lori Weaver, Judge Mike Trejo and Mayor Steve Brewer accept Angie’s invitation to sample her buffet.

Lori Weaver, Judge Mike Trejo and Mayor Steve Brewer accept Angie’s invitation to sample her buffet.

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