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A Pet Resort for Pampered Pooches: Pets are people too!

“Hazelnut” getting full treatment from Kyndra and Brenda

“Hazelnut” getting full treatment from Kyndra and Brenda

Hardcore pet lovers believe our cuddly, little family members deserve a nice vacation or a “safe haven” in a storm just like their owners.
That is the consensus of patrons of TEXAS PET RESORT in Harlingen according to owners Kamron and Vicky Fultz. They have made sure that their canine and feline guests are pampered and provided with extra personal services during their short-term or longer stay.

“We love animals and want to make them comfortable,” said Kamron. “Some of our guests stay overnight, others are boarded for longer periods by their owners for various reasons. But, we really fill up when there is a hurricane watch announced,” he added.

First of all, what unique services does a pet resort have to offer to their fuzzy little guests that they might not get elsewhere—even during a storm? That was the question we put to Kamron.

“Our pet resort has 12 acres and plenty of free-run space which includes a supervised, doggie swimming pool,” he said, adding, “We just don’t put our guests in cramped, smelly cages. Here we have 130 kennels at our disposal with air/conditioned suites and gourmet food, unless the owner brings their own food. No matter how large or small, we don’t do ‘crate-boarding.’”

The dogs don’t socialize with other animals unless the owner so chooses, Kamron stressed. “Our guests get walks everyday. Our staff can provide grooming, baths, dental care and beauty treatments if the owner orders it.” he added.

History shows that late August and September are the months of special alertness because most tropical storms make landfall along the Lower Texas Coast during those months.

With that in mind, we asked about the best options for pet owners: “First of all, decide if you are going to stay or leave,” he said. “If you are going to leave, have a place in mind that will accept pets—best to make a reservation.” “Make sure you have sufficient food, water and medicine for several days. Not all motels and hotels will accept animals.” He cautioned.

If you stay in your home or a shelter, make sure you have everything your pet will need in addition to your own needs. Include in your plans to have your own survival kit. It will include sufficient canned food, water, any necessary medicine, flashlights and a battery operated radio, a generator with 10 gallons of gasoline, and a full tank in your car. You also have to think about after the storm and the flood waters—with probably no electricity.

If you decide to evacuate and leave your pet, Kamron said his facility will stay open and accept pets. “You can bring me your pets as long as they are currently vaccinated against Rabies, Distemper and Bordatella (for dogs),” he stressed. “You must bring paperwork on their vaccination record.”

Kamron added that he has survived several hurricanes and stays with the pets. “I will always have room for animals even if they sleep in my bedroom,” he said passionately.

“I will not abandon them—for pets are people too!”

If you have questions about pets and your preparation for tropical storms, you can him at 428 5400 or visit

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