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La Feria Welcomes Our Winter Texans

“Our annual visitors make a great contribution”

Have you noticed? It’s that time again for our northern winter visitors from the upper United States and Canada to make their annual trek south to spend a few warm months with us. Soon, we’ll be seeing license plates sporting the names of a dozen states like Minnesota, Illinois, North Dakota and Missouri–not to mention a number of provinces in Canada.

And as always, La Feria folks know how to treat and respect our guests.

Mayor Victor Gonzalez, Jr. would like to welcome winter visitors to the city of La Feria

Mayor Victor Gonzalez, Jr. would like to welcome winter visitors to the city of La Feria

The 26 area mobile home and RV parks will be overflowing, the local restaurants, gasoline stations, and other businesses will get their annual economy boost according to La Feria Mayor Victor Gonzalez, Jr. “Not only the economy benefits, but our winter social events also feel the impact of these welcomed visitors,” the Mayor said.

Gonzalez is completing his first year as elected City Mayor and said, “We love our Winter Texans. These fun-loving people join local citizens in popular events like Halloween at the Park, the lighting of the city Christmas Tree, the annual Christmas Parade and Winter Festival,.” he added. “They also attend and support our High School sports and social programs.”

The mayor said the winter visitors really make their presence known during the Fiesta La Feria blast we host every year. “This year’s Fiesta will be bigger and better than ever because we will be celebrating our 100th year as a town. La Feria’s Centennial Celebration will be the greatest show we have ever put on,” said the proud mayor.

“There is also another reason we love them,” the mayor continued, “These industrious visitors donate their time and effort by volunteering for school programs, library volunteers and church events. Winter Texans are generous folks: “They support the annual Police Department toy drive each year and donate equipment and money to the La Feria Volunteer Fire Department.”

The mayor also mentioned the numerous improvements that La Feria has put into service– often with our Winter Texans in mind. “This year, our guests, as well as all our local citizens, will enjoy the completed new Bailey H. Dunlap Memorial Library with its rows of up-to-date computers, the completed Sports Complex, the new parks and sidewalks,” he said, adding, La Feria has great RV Parks–For example, La Feria’s VIP RV Park has been awarded the “Park of the Year“ award for the 2nd time in a row from the Texas RV Park Association.,” he said. “All these features are a win-win addition for all our citizens and visitors alike.”

Mayor Gonzalez said to tell our visiting winter residents the following: “On behalf of the mayor and City Commission, La Feria proudly recognizes you as honorary “La Ferians” during your stay with us. We welcome you and thank you for visiting our local merchants, our parks, and our public events. We want to make your stay pleasant.”

For information about city events and volunteering, please call the City Hall at 797-2261. For emergencies, call 911 for prompt assistance.

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