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Marco Rodriguez Marks Ten Years In Business

Bill Keltner

Bill Keltner

Engineering Consultant in Great Demand

When La Feria native Marco Rodriguez returned to his home town ten years ago to begin his professional career as an Engineering Consultant, he wondered what the future would hold for him and his MAROD ENGINEERNG CONSULTANT FIRM. He need not have worried, because the years have treated him kindly.

Rodriguez graduated from La Feria High School in 1986. “I completed all my basic schooling here–Kinder through high school,” he said.” Those were really great years. In school, I was heavy duty into sports—I did a lot of football and track competition, and still have managed to keep in contact with some of my old school mates over the years.”

Marco discovered that his real interests lay in the field of Science and Engineering. Interestingly, he found the school he needed to progress in those fields not too far away: Precisely–Texas A & I in Kingsville, Texas. “They had all the studies I needed for my chosen profession,” he said. “Kingsville was not too far away, but far enough for me to be able to concentrate on my studies and not be distracted.”

Marco Rodriguez celebrates 10 years of success in his chosen profession. Photos by Bill Keltner/LFN

Marco Rodriguez celebrates 10 years of success in his chosen profession. Photos by Bill Keltner/LFN

The future consultant graduated from Texas A & I with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering in 1992. “It was funny,” he said, “after all that hard work, I found that job prospects in the Engineering field were few when I graduated… This was because the First Gulf War had just ended and major corporations were cutting back.”

So, armed with his Bachelor of Science degree, he talked to the people at Donna High School. “And they hired me in the “Emergency-Hire Program.” He relates that position lasted a couple years until he finally started as Design Consultant with several firms. That experience led to an engineering position for the Public Utilities Board in Brownsville—another great job. ‘But I was still working for someone else.” he lamented.

During all those years he was still dreaming of having his own consulting firm. “As it turned out, with all that experience I was acquiring, it was preparing me to go into my own business,” he said.

“I had the experience I needed now, and the opportunity finally came for me to open my own office on Oleander Street in La Feria: he said. “We started out with a company of two employees and myself. We have now grown to an organization of nine design specialists (including another engineer).

Over the past 10 years, we have worked for multiple architects, engineers and contractors from the Rio Grande Valley, the San Antonio, and Austin areas.

MAROD Engineering has participated in many local city projects, such as the downtown renovation, the nature park, the new city hall and the La Feria Library additions to name visitor I was honored to have was my LFHS teacher and coach, the late coach David Sanchez. Coach Sanchez made math fun and exciting, and instilled in me the basics for my future math/science career.”

Marco related that the work of his company covers all the states of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas. “We have had some great travel experiences as the business grew and expanded,” he said.

Rodriguez is still a hometown man at heart. That is why MAROD ENGINEERING regularly sponsors many local and non-local students and athletes during the school year.

Marco is also a life-long motorcycle enthusiast. He loves riding and racing bikes. That is why he has been an active member of the Central Motorcycle Racing Association. “Over the years, I’ve met lots of great people who love motorcycling and the feel of the open road,” he added.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the story of MAROD ENGINEERING and its founder, Marco Rodriguez. Marco is an industrious, energetic young man who came back to his hometown 10 years ago and has made a striking success of his Engineering Consultant business. It is also the realization of his life-long dream. More power to you, Marco and staff!

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