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About the Bond Issue

To the citizens of La Feria, Thank You for coming out on May 7th and making your voices heard loud and clear. Above all, Thank You for exercising your right to choose, your right to Vote. To say that one side won and the other lost is not what this campaign was all about. In the end, it was the inability of the current Administration and School Board to simply involve the community at large in this decision. Our position has always been that, involve everyone, not just a select few in hopes that you will garner enough votes. It was also quite the spectacle to see all the staff from LFISD and School Board members out in full force on May 7th. Can anyone tell us the last time they saw that? WOW! Simply WOW! It is also quite the site to see several Board Members posting pictures about “working together”, “being a community” after the final votes were tallied. Where was this posturing leading up to the election? Where was the “let’s join hands and sing kumbaya” as they stood out there and some even watched and enjoyed the sight as one of our very own was physically threatened by another citizen? They are now inviting people to attend board meetings and work together. Should they be reminded how not too long ago they all sat quietly as one concerned citizen was quieted and kept from speaking at said board meetings? Is that the behavior citizens can expect from this School Board if they too choose to attend and voice their opinions?

To say there is a difference of opinions is an understatement. However, we ALL need to find a way to push those differences aside and more importantly the egos, if we are to truly do what is best for this community and OUR children. We are ALL passionate about our community and the education of our children. So please, enough with this “Class of…”, “they’re not from here…”, if we didn’t care about what happened with our schools and more importantly OUR children, we wouldn’t be involved the way we are and we wouldn’t be voicing our opinions the way we do.

Our hope is that the election results will send a message to this Administration and School Board that conducting business as usual is not going to cut it anymore. One citizen said it best, “until they regain our trust, we will continue to vote no”. And whether or not they believe it, the community has lost confidence in how this school district is being operated.

– Yosef Mughrabi

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